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Photochemical reaction dynamics at interfaces

Photochemical reaction dynamics at interfaces

Heterogeneous chemical reactions, such as heterogeneous catalytic reactions and atmospheric chemical reactions, proceed only at interfaces. Thus, in-situ observations of interfacial reactions are curtail for elucidating heterogeneous chemical reactions. We have developed UV-excited time-resolved HD-VSFG spectroscopy and apply this technique for investigation of chemical reactions at interfaces. For the first time, it was found that there exist half-hydrated electrons at the air/water interface after the UV-irradiation of water. We are now trying to reveal more complex chemical reactions at interfaces.
Mohammed (Matsuzaki, Kusaka)

Fig. 1. Schematic model of half hydrated electron at the air/water interface. Electrons are delocalized as depicted by the black cloud. The hydrated electrons at the interface escape into bulk phase with 100 ps time-scale.