田原分子分光研究室 Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory



Observation and Control of the Excited State Dynamics of Condensed Phase Molecules by Advanced Spectroscopy Using Ultrashort Optical Pulses

Korenobu Matsuzaki

Tracking the molecular dynamics from the electronic and structural viewpoints is essential for deep understanding of chemical reactions. To this end, we develop new ultrafast spectroscopic methods based on basic knowledge on the light-matter interaction and state-of-the-art laser technology. Using these advanced spectroscopy, we aim to observe, understand, and control new fundamental phenomena of reactive molecules.

Research outline

Elucidating the dynamics of chemical reactions is essential to achieving a deep understanding of the processes involved. With this idea in mind, we study the dynamics of photoexcited molecules via a variety of time-resolved spectroscopic methods utilizing ultrashort laser pulses. We develop new spectroscopic methods based on state-of-the-art laser technology and aim to observe, understand, and control new fundamental phenomena of reactive molecules. Especially for ultrafast reactions, it is key to observe and “visualize” the continuous motion of nuclei (structural change) throughout the reaction. Therefore, we study the “instantaneous” structures of the reacting molecules by advanced multi-pulse experiments, and try to determine the structure of the transition state that plays crucial roles in chemical reactions.


Ultrashort pulse generation and multi-color time-resolved spectrometers

Observation of coherent nuclear motion in ultrafast photochemical reactions

Structural tracking of reacting molecules by femtosecond time-domain Raman spectroscopy

Ultrafast excited state dynamics of metal complexes


Korenobu Matsuzaki (group leader)

Tsukasa Takanashi

Selected publications

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  2. P. Kumar; H. Kuramochi; S. Takeuchi; T. Tahara
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  3. C. Chang; H. Kuramochi; M. Singh; R. Abe-Yoshizumi; T. Tsukuda; H. Kandori; T. Tahara
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  4. K. Matsuzaki; T. Tahara
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